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You might have seen Nature's Designs somewhere around you. They are the flow patterns observed as Creative Energy manifests. Researchers have found that there is a common methodology of vortex and spiral being used by The Creative Energy in the designs of Its flow.

Gold Flower of Life

The Cosmic Waves of Sound and Light - A kind of Creative Energy created out of Himself are flowing in vortexes and spiralling patterns since the dawn of the creation as per the will of The Creator.

wave passing up down adn along

Those who study cymatic science can be fully convinced that the Cosmic Waves of Sound and Light has created all the Casual, Astral and Physical Universes, solely by using a common methodology of vortexes and spirallings. The flow of the Creative Energy brought into existence all these natural designs which have attracted attention through many ages. These designs have a secret message for the entire creation of all living on our Mother Planet to remain in a balanced state of LOVE and HARMONY with each other .

The architect who thinks to copy the design of nature has to be self disciplined first within the designated LAWS of Nature to copy Nature's Designs and to bring them forth as works of art.

Those who have learned to LOVE understand that LOVE and LAW are the two names of the same Supreme Creator whose splendid personality are enlightened outwardly with all law abiding qualities inherited within them .

Vortex Water Revitaliser cut opn to show its double helical DNA structure

Water being an "Alive Identity" always likes a free and frictionless flow creating meandering ways, eddies, whirling spirals and vortex formations during its natural flow. The Vortex Water Revitalizer having a double helix spiral design inside it, brings creative energies into the water flow within the structure of the pipe and brings these into harmony and resonance with the flowing water to bless it with energy and good healthy qualities. The opposite happens if it is stored or not allowed to flow the way it likes. Stagnant water leads to lung degeneration, proliferation of harmful micro-organisms and many water borne diseases.

Creation is permanently influenced by a duality of two natural opposing forces under which Natural Laws of Balance support the Creative Energy in keeping nature's designs in correct formation and shape. These designs do not appear in a single stroke but rather take place in a natural, slow rhythmic process forming micro- and then macro-organisms, while remaining within the Natural Laws that maintain universal relationships in healthy balanced states.

Unknowingly during the last two hundred years the balance between the two has been disturbed. Scientists have observed that in air there are more positive ions than negative ions.The present proportion of positive and negative ions is 1 : 2.1, the ideal range is 1: 1.2 - 1.5. Likewise the natural pH of water is 7, whereas in home tap water it is from 5.7 to 6.8 pH which is acidic. Accordingly the body's metabolic functions are being effected giving rise to many health problems.

The crafted art work of the Nature's Design products fit well within the framework of the Natural Divine Principles. Each delivers astonishing results far from scientific understanding as cosmic subtle energies silently restore natural qualities by improving the inner atomic structure of water molecules.

Water regains the lost heritage of its healthy qualities which have been damaged during unhealthy, unbalanced and un-natural conditions. Natures Design works of art show many wonderful benefits, improving water conditions wherever they were used.

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